Where the two doors meet in the middle is the weakest point

French doors are generally weak & most will not stop an aggressive attack

French doors lack strength where the two door leafs meet in the middle (see below). This is because the door, while having two door leafs, contains only a single door frame which is evident on all four sides of the door.

Consequently, when the French door is locked, the edge of the passive door leaf acts as support for the active door leaf and consists of a structure which does not provide anything like the same level of strength gained from a standard door frame. Furthermore, French door locks are generally considered to be weak and it is commonly known that the screw fixings used to secure the hinges and the strike plate to the door frame are less than adequate in length and provide little resistance. Criminals also know that the two glass panels contained in French doors do not have sufficient strength to defeat an aggressive attack.

The Burglarybuster 1 for securing Opening-Outwards French doors


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