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For instant security for your Inward-Opening French Doors, contact Zentry Forced-Entry Security Solutions

Burglarybuster 3


For instant security for your Inward-Opening French Doors, check out our online shop.

Burglarybuster 3

Securing Inward-Opening French doors is crucial, as they are commonly targeted by criminals when seeking entry. At Zentry Forced-Entry Security Solutions, our Burglarybuster 3 product is the ultimate security solution for French doors.


Below, we explain how effective the Burglarybuster 3 is and how it can help prevent home invasions.

If you’d like to purchase a Burglarybuster 3 product, visit our online store and buy yours today.

The Problem
Insecure Double French Door

US Inward-Opening French Doors are extremely weak and will generally not withstand an aggressive attack or kick-in.


Double French Doors are the most vulnerable of all doors mainly because there is little support in the centre of the door where the two doors meet and may contain vulnerable locks. The screws used to support the hinges and the strike plate are very short, and the glass is also vulnerable to attack.


As a result, criminals target Double French Doors and these attacks can potentially create the most dangerous of incidents for residents.

To gain unlawful entry burglars tend to focus on the following:


Kicking in the door


Opening unlocked doors


Overpowering the locks


Breaking the glass

Existing doors can be replaced with doors containing strong security including better locks and security glass but are expensive. We can show how your existing Double French Doors can be transformed to secure doors, at a fraction of the cost of replacing your doors.

The Solution
Burglarybuster 3

In three simple steps, we want to show you how the Burglarybuster 3 can help secure Inward-Opening French Doors.


Install the Burglarybuster 3. This amazing device both reinforces the door to block kick-ins and also prevents the door from being opened from outside even when existing locks have been opened by criminals. Now a US market leader, this unique product is the strongest locking device available for securing French Double Doors.


This is mainly because of the special fixing method used whereby a ¼˝ thick Carriage Bolt is inserted into the entire thickness of each of the two inward-opening doors, to support the two brackets that hold the box section (channel) in place.

Burglarybuster 3

The Burglarybuster 3 while acting as a secondary lock cuffs the two doors together and prevents the Double French Door from being:

  • Kicked-in

  • Prevents unlocked doors from being opened from outside

  • When main locks have been overpowered, prevents the door from being opened from outside.


Remove and check the size of the screws used to support the hinges and the strike plate in the door frame. If necessary, replace them with 3˝ screws. If available locally, additional hinge and strike plate reinforcement is worth considering.


To deter criminals from breaking glass, replace existing glass contained in your Double French Door with a minimum of ¼˝ thick laminated glass or alternatively apply 3M security window film to the glass on the inside of the door.

Burglarybuster 3


Sash jammers should never be used to reinforce French Doors because the support fixings used may give way when subjected to a strong attack.


Burglarybuster 3 Features

US Market Leader - Instant French Door Security

Strength - Manufactured from mild steel by Zentry

Stops home invasions - Prevents kick-ins & burglaries

Reinforces the door and acts as a last line of defence even when existing locks have been bypassed.

Unique double bolt through complete door fixing method

Neat & discreet - easy to install

Simplicity of operation makes it the ideal solution for seniors.

Home Safety - Easy removal of the U Pin releases the lock and allows an immediate emergency escape for residents.

All US orders are processed within 24 hours and allow 5/7 days for delivery

Colors - White & Chocolate Brown

If you’d like more information on the Burglarybuster 3, contact Zentry Forced-Entry Security Solutions today, or visit our online store.

  • What options are available for securing double French doors?
    Zentry offers the Burglarybuster 1 and Burglarybuster 3 products for the ultimate solution in securing double French doors
  • How come the device is so strong?
    The two coach-bolts that hold the channel in place are drilled through the entire door thickness.
  • What are the measurements for the Channel that sits into the two brackets?
    The Box Section Channel is ¾” Square X 6 ¾” long.
  • What is the distance between the two drilled holes?
    4 ½”
  • What is one of the weakest points of entry for a household?
    Double French doors are considered to be extremely weak, which is why securing them with a product like the Burglarybuster is key.
  • Do the prices on the website include the cost of Postage to my home?
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