• Burglarybuster 3

Home Security: “Prevention is always better than cure - especially if the problem needing cure is trauma caused by home invasion.”

Our Zentry Story

In 2007, training to become a mental health counsellor in Dublin, I became aware of the significant numbers of individuals presenting with trauma – including trauma caused by home invasion and burglary. Knowing from personal experience the impact of trauma of any kind, I found it easy to identify and empathise with these clients. In late 2008 a friend told me she was so depressed as a result of being terrorised in her own home by a burglar that she was considering moving to a different part of Dublin. I began to think deeply about her response and the life-altering consequences reported by others I had worked with earlier. Their deepest need is to recover a sense of being safe in their own homes.

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In March 2009, with residential crime increasing in Ireland, I learned that similar increases were occurring in the UK and the US. I decided to find out what was happening elsewhere in the world to counteract this problem. I became both frustrated and excited to discover that, led by Sweden, most of the European countries with the lowest burglary rates had in the early 1990s, relegated perimeter security (i.e. intruder alarm and CCTV systems) to a secondary role - while prioritising physical security for new and existing homes i.e. stronger locks, doors, windows and glazing. Digging deeper, I discovered that fundamental to this sea-change was a realisation that physical protections seen as adequate in the past were no longer sufficient - because home attackers had advanced in both knowledge and aggression. New European safety standards had come into being - based on a commitment to radical reinforcement of all vulnerable entry points.

As a result residential crime statistics in most of mainland Europe were by 2008 consistently showing improvement - whereas increasing levels of residential crime had been experienced in countries that had not yet followed suit, including Ireland, UK and the US.This understanding led to my founding of Zentry in 2008 - today one of Ireland’s leading security companies. We offer professional advice and a range of integrated security solutions for homeowners. At Zentry we are passionate about providing meaningful security solutions for every type of window and door.

Later, when we discovered that no effective locking device existed to reinforce double French doors and conservatory doors, we created our own unique Burglarybuster range. With the introduction of the Burglarybuster 3 for opening-inwards French doors we now have a solution for every type of double French door. We greatly appreciate the massive support and positive reaction to our Burglarybuster 3 by our US and Canada based customers and have in turn responded by introducing our dedicated website for these markets www.zentry3.com. Today, many thousands of customers enjoy the benefits of our solutions. The many messages we receive from happy and satisfied customers tell us that our devices have prevented countless home invasions and burglaries. We hope that when you install the Burglarybuster device that suits your home, you will re-discover a similar peace of mind.

Note: Fire Precautions: We are conscious of the fact that any physical changes or alterations made to doors should not needlessly impede or restrict exit in the event of a fire - so the lock is keyless to enable a speedy exit when required. Therefore the use of pivot locks or sash jammers in conjunction with this lock is not recommended.

Convinced that the less information would-be criminals have the better, we have designed our Burglarybuster locks to remain out of normal front-on vision behind both door leaf edges. Finally, once these locks are installed, we recommend that you replace the glass in the two door leafs with security glass, to avoid the breaking of the glass to gain unlawful entry.

Ciarán O’Connell,
Director, Zentry Forced-Entry Security Solutions.

The Solution – The Zentry Burglarybuster System
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