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“We had a home invasion last year when our French Door was kicked in and we found it difficult to relax in our home for many months after that. Initially, we installed three sash locks to secure the door until we discovered from a local fire marshal that they are a fire hazard. Fortunately, at that time my brother had installed a Burglarybuster 3 and recommended it to us. Since installing this magical device we now feel a lot safer in our home.”

Ricky - Dallas, Texas

“Well what can I say other than thank you for your advice and let you know that your device has been a blessing. Over the past few years we found a way to secure all our doors and windows with the exception of our French doors and this was always a big concern for us. Since installing your Burglarybuster we all feel more secure in our home.”

Angela in Virginia


“Hi all. Just received my new Burglarybuster 3 French Door safety device and it was a breeze to install. Only took 10 minutes. This will provide all the safety required for French doors opening inward. Definitely worth every penny. The customer service was great and the shipping fast. Can’t thank You guys enough ! This is a highly recommended product .”

Ray - New York


“We want you to know that we LOVE these and that we already have installed three. I am telling all of our neighbours about them. I hope they are ordering them. Not only do they protect against burglary BUT they also protect against the strong gusts of wind we get from living in a canyon. We have many French Doors in this house and only had these on the ground floor. These extra five that we ordered are for the French Doors on our upper floor. Recently some of the French Doors burst open during a strong wind storm. The doors that had the Burglarybuster 3 on them held strong against the wind. Thank you for inventing such a good product that looks good as well!”

Shawna - Las Vegas

  • What options are available for securing double French doors?
    Zentry offers the Burglarybuster 1 and Burglarybuster 3 products for the ultimate solution in securing double French doors
  • How come the device is so strong?
    The two coach-bolts that hold the channel in place are drilled through the entire door thickness.
  • What are the measurements for the Channel that sits into the two brackets?
    The Box Section Channel is ¾” Square X 6 ¾” long.
  • What is the distance between the two drilled holes?
    4 ½”
  • What is one of the weakest points of entry for a household?
    Double French doors are considered to be extremely weak, which is why securing them with a product like the Burglarybuster is key.
  • Do the prices on the website include the cost of Postage to my home?
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