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Best French Door Security Invention For US Homes Has Already Saved Thousands of Families

The Burglarybuster
The Burglarybuster

With over thirty-five years experience in the construction and physical security industries at senior management levels, followed by seven years training to become a mental health counsellor, it was inevitable that my later working years would involve a project combining all. Aware that French Door Security concerns cause anxieties for so many people and knowing from personal experience the impact of trauma of any kind I found it easy to identify and empathise with many seeking a solution to this problem. Today, armed with a complete understanding of the value people place on feeling safe in their own home I believe our unique Burglarybuster products represent an important response to these needs.

How it all started

When I met with Brian Reilly for the first time at a Home Security convention in Dublin, Ireland, in October 2010, neither of us knew that within eight years we would be jointly responsible for a major home security success that would give a new peace of mind to many thousands of people. We met regularly afterwards and soon decided to combine our respective marketing and engineering backgrounds.

Launching the Burglarybuster System

Subsequently we successfully launched the Burglarybuster System in Ireland and the UK in 2016. When our research revealed that French Doors in the United States open inwards - and are the most vulnerable of all doors in the home - we introduced our invention to the US market in September 2017. Now, just over fourteen months later we are pinching ourselves - because our device is now market leader in the United States.

The Burglarybuster 3 for securing Opening-Inwards French doors
The Burglarybuster 3 for securing Opening-Inwards French doors

Here is why we attach such importance to this project - and why we believe our invention is of major significance for US residents.

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